As part of my responsibilities as Digital Architect at a leading Australian disability services provider, I managed the implementation of the HubSpot CRM, sales and marketing platform. This is the first time the organisation had its information managed through a central environment for communicating and managing those people who have a relationship with the organisation – all stakeholders including customers, staff, donors, carers, suppliers, industry associates, government contacts and more.
The initial implementation was rolled out over 18 months and included bringing together various lists that had been managed manually throughout the organisation. It assisted in determining what information and communication they wished to undertake with their audience.
From building the data schema, importing contact lists, setting up templates, preparing snippets, creating forms, defining sales pipelines and building workflow automations – the project was extensive.

Some of the initiatives I was responsible for developing have included:
Creating a single location for contacts– bringing together distributed data, cleansing and refining, then using the data schema to ensure it fits within a single framework.
Automating email marketing– delivering regular email communications, as well setting up automations for enquiries and engagement.
Social publishing– managing all of the organisation’s social properties through a single interface.
Form management– designing forms for all enquiry requirements, newsletter sign-ups and also complex processes such as complaints handling.
Call management– building into HubSpot the ability to manage calls into the organisation, filter those and then create contact management and deal workflows as they progress.
Setting up complex workflows– such as Statements of Service using Products, Quotes, Snippets, Deals, Pipeline, Workflow automation.
Designing an on-boarding and training program– as part of the rollout, the need to onboard staff and familiarise them with new processes and opportunities has been provided through the creation of a Wiki and the use of tools such as Microsoft Teams for collaborative communications.

Below is a short video describing how the Statements of Service workflow has been implemented:

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