With the rise of digital coupons sites such as Groupon, Spreets and Deal of the Day, iconic Australian brand Shop A Docket needed to upgrade its paper-based receipt coupons to be available digitally on desktop, tablet or smartphone.
I was commissioned with the responsibility to undertake management of the company's Digital Operations and lead the business transformation to redefine the customer experience for a new age. Working closely with their enterprise ICT systems division, I scoped, designed and worked with a team of designers and programmers to develop a .NET based service fully integrated with Shop A Docket's legacy systems.
Significant work was needed to be undertaken to upgrade existing systems to accommodate basic information which until this time had either not been recorded or simply added to meet the localised distribution of coupons. For example, the collection of addresses and phone numbers to accommodate connection to services such as Google Maps needed to be undertaken. Given the distribution of small businesses across Australia serviced by Shop A Docket, this was a considerable effort.
The outcome delivered a world class coupon distribution service, including supporting mobile environment, as reported in The Sydney Morning Herald at the time.
Some of the results included:

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